What is Feminism?

There has been this wave of turbulence on social media platforms regarding this term since some time. Let’s just sit back, forget everything associated with this and just ask yourselves what is really FEMINISM?

Some people would say it’s just a movement, a part of human evolution, an idea or a thought. Different people have different perspectives for this term. Well, some people might just not believe in it which is perfectly normal.

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Want to know why it is normal?

Before explaining it. Let’s take an example:

Time travel to the past when British ruled India. Back then, all those political leaders and parties, freedom fighters, reformers, etc. were people with contrasting mindsets. They all were governed with different set of principles, values and ethics. 

Some believed in achieving freedom by launching movement, some by protesting peacefully, some by practicing violent methods, some by seeking permission through petitions, etc.

So, different they were but were unified in achieving their goal which was independence. That was the oxymoronic nature of our freedom.

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Well, back then if one leader didn’t agree with another, would that mean that one leader had joined the adversaries? or didn’t want India to be freed?

Was that leader humiliated for not believing and agreeing with something?

No, they respected each other’s opinions and discussed regarding that matter because they had a goal to set India free.

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Similarly, coming back to modern times if a man doesn’t support feminism then why should he be labelled as a  “toxic masculine”, “male chauvinist”, “misogynists” and other such mean terms?

Why can’t his opinion be equally respected? Since when has “believing in feminism” became such an important element of society?

If women like Divyangna Trivedi stood up for men and called themselves “anti- feminists’ , why was she described as “gay” with “sick mentality” ?

She was just voicing out her opinion. Wasn’t she?

So are some men, voicing out their opinions….

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Believe me, there is some limit to hypocrisy

If a woman disagrees to the ideologies of male gender and gets to hear this type of criticism.

 Then the next day all “feminist pages” on social media are there, demeaning and trolling every single account who criticized that one woman’s opinion.  

But do the masculinist pages do that when feminists criticise them for defying female ideologies?

This is the current situation. Believe it or not!

Yes, now I will be getting to hear this from feminists

That propaganda is pseudo feminism. Not all feminists are like that. It is true that there are two sections of feminism. The pseudo feminists and those who actually believe only in women empowerment for GENDER EQUALITY.  Through justice, these two out stand each other.

Real feminists are those who faithfully interpret and implement its meaning by demanding for their basic rights and fighting for those women who suffered gender injustice.

They realize its significance for progression of females and believe in “GENDER EQUALITY” by only uplifting women.

Feminism hasn't sold out even if it's being used as a marketing tool

Well if there are any “pseudo feminists” reading this it might pinch you because you have gotten this meaning of word “justice” completely wrong.

Justice doesn’t imply to the fact that you demean men for voicing their opinions but when women criticize the male gender and their ideologies then you are not open to opposition from their side.

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Setting that aside, I have a Question to all fake “FEMINISTS”

Not only mine, but there are more articles, videos, etc. which talk about this agenda. When you are questioned about women demeaning men and all of that then some of you turn the tables and talk about pseudo feminists but otherwise you support their social media pages and put stories on your own account as well. I am not saying all of you do that, but some of you. Why?

You can either enter through a door or leave through it. Don’t stand in between and block.

I support all those “Feminists” who are true to their gender and values. They do not act as fake and change sides. What’s definite is definite. They realize the essence of woman empowerment and how important it is for the development of our society.

 For them their main objective is uplifting women and “Gender equality” and not women supremacy over men. That is what truly feminism is and that’s why it was born.

Speaking of a definite goal, for us it should be peace. Instead of cribbing and fighting over feminism, women, men, rights, etc. We should work together to achieve a gender-neutral term which is equity and peace for all. That’s what feminism actually means.

By degrading men you are only portraying yourself as a weaker section which is the completely opposite to the meaning and purpose of the existence of this word. We all know the original definition of “FEMINISM” but its time to implement it in our belief system now before its existence is erased forever.

Uplift women, empower them, encourage them, motivate them, portray feminism in its fullest sense but remember women were not born to dominate men and neither were men born to dominate women. We were all created as equal.


Beyond The Color

We need to have rights

by @factslobby- Tiktok.

Dear people,

That’s what you have always been wanting to be addressed as others have been for generations. But for centuries you have always been the “black moon.” You have been secluded out of the society and been mistreated even worse than animals at multiple times.

I personally can never relate to your sufferings and struggle of many centuries only to taste “freedom” which not only me, but many have been born with. At times like this of pandemic is when I, many realize the significance of this “freedom.”

We don’t have to think even once before going out or doing anything. As Maya Angelou mentions in her poem:

“That’s why the caged bird sings”

The free bird thinks of another breeze,

and the trade winds soft through the sighing trees,

and the fat worms waiting on a dawn bright lawn,

and he names the sky his own

We are the “free bird” who can never be satisfied even with the best luxuries but then there are those birds in cages who only dream to fly. They have been raising their voices since forever, but no one listens to them.

This ignorance of ours has destroyed the actual meaning of “democracy”. They no longer enjoy those rights and freedom which we have and they are strong, very strong who have been fighting for themselves.

They are united and each one of them has a strong passion for their race and colour. That’s true self love. “Even when the world hates you for being your own self, you still love yourself, your soul, body, skin, everything. Nothing can stop you from loving yourself even if you have to fight your way through it.  You will still fight till your last breath.” That’s who they are. That’s who they have always been.

They are very brave who have to live with this fact that even with abled bodies and excellent skills, they have already been selected and edged out of their dreams and future by the world and why because of their colour.

I certainly do not affirm to the fact that humans are the most intelligent species present on earth. Wait, are we even humans?

Who have been stealing dreams, rights, freedom, literally lives of innocents and tell me, why again?

Color, Color is what has segregated us from our fellow brothers. It has created boundaries. Those boundaries which are ruled by racism and animosity. Every year they strengthen and strengthen as our hearts grow in apathy.

But I as the part of the next generation do not promise but will try my best to help them to get that freedom which they have always deserved. It’s time we erase these boundaries. I know it’s late but give us one more chance. We will not let you down.

One day your life will not be about fighting, screaming and protesting for rights. Life will be about achieving your dreams and being free which you have always craved for. Your children will study with all other students, they will play, eat and do everything which we have always been doing. You will have a “no struggle and suffering” life.

Those boundaries will be erased as if they never existed. Give us one more chance.



Beauty of lock down

Being grateful.

Well Covid 19 has taken over the world, streets have become as dead as a doornail. As wind muffles through silent roads and with no sound of honks and motor engines, the rustling of leaves and sweet honey like chirping of birds can be heard even at midday.

No one ever imagined that a global pandemic would shut us in our own homes and the most surprising part is that the key to open to this lock is gratitude.These days seem to be silently flowing like a river when every inch of a second seems to be passing like an hour. But we have to keep going on.Beauty isn’t about absorbing happiness from good parts of life but it is growing and rejoicing even in miseries. That is beauty!Quoting Anne frank:

“I don’t think of all the misery, but of the beauty that still remains.”

At this moment of time corona seems like a curse which has fallen on humanity with the world economy sinking like titanic. Offices, schools, colleges, etc. everything’s shutdown. Every event is being postponed, especially exams that too for a board class. What could be more worse?Those were my thoughts when this lock down was announced and what I can do is just sit and groan about it.

Until one message changed my perspective towards it. As a teen with my sleep cycle completely devastated I switched on my phone, the only hope of survival in this monotonous  “long weekend” which at sometime everyone desired for. To be at home, spend more time with families, do hobbies, watch latest shows on Netflix and Amazon. To be precise we all needed a “Vacation.”  A vacation not with our friends and families or at some place which gave heavenly vibes but a vacation with our soul. That was Corona’s motive in my life and now as days pass, I spend time with myself,  believe me it’s worth than being on some beach or hill station.

Well coming back to the topic we all have it now but we are still not satisfied and grateful about it. Instead of focusing on present we are living in our future, how things are going to change and how this pandemic was a setback for overall world’s growth by 20 years maybe.

As humans our greed for “happiness” can never be satisfied. Now to all the readers who are reading this sitting at their homes while you are worrying about future there are some people who are shedding their blood and sweat only to survive in these harsh conditions.Instead of cribbing in this situation do we realize how blessed we are with this life? By god’s grace we all are healthy and safe along with that more than “financially secure.

“Unlike those underprivileged people for whom “survival” has become the biggest challenge.  As not a single vehicle moves on roads these people some bare feet and some with worn out shoes walk hundreds of kilometers to reach home or in search of basic necessities. With tattered clothes and shabby appearances they walk holding heavy trunks in one hand and their malnourished children in the other. They walk in hope of better facilities to places with better and stronger chances of their survival.In holocaust situations like these when they can hope for life when they don’t even for how long do they have to keep walking , stay hungry and whether they are safe and healthy?If they can have a vision of light in this depressed atmosphere, why can’t we? From safe and healthy families to basic necessities or “luxuries” to be honest, we have everything.

The word “survival” depicts a vast distinction between two classes of our society. For the affluent and middle class “survival” is to pass time somehow by doing different activities during this lockdown. “Survival” is to not to die in this dull atmosphere whereas for  them “survival” is staying alive on limited resources and shedding their blood and sweat to get access to basic necessities.Humanitarian principles don’t work on apathy and ingratitude. Corona reminds us that earth doesn’t belong to man but man belongs to earth. We are only a segment of life which exists on earth. Just like us those flora and fauna have life, they have an “existence” to which we are blind. From a roaring lion to a mouse, from a tiny flower to the biggest banyan tree, everything has life in it.

The lockdown has raised the curtain how our non interference has transformed our environment to a cleaner and purer state  Water in the Ganga is now clean enough to drink

Despite its sacred status and various rejuvenation plans, the Ganga remained a severely polluted river. But with industries shut and no effluents flowing into the river, plus lack of activity at the Ghats due to the lockdown, the Ganga is now cleaner than ever.


Delhi, Mumbai, Beijing, Bangkok, Los Angeles… can breathe

With many countries imposing lockdowns and curbing most human activity over the last few months, residents of several cities around the world have had a much-needed breather. Literally. This drop in pollution levels due to a decline in air travel, road traffic and other business activities .
Wildlife are taking advantage of the unfamiliar quiet and having some fun of their own.

But generally if we take a look at our past, we  have been cutting down trees  for our own selfish reasons.  It truly does tell us that we humans take away even those lives which are important for us and it’s better not to speak about lives which we regard as “good for nothing” .

I wonder that’s why the first thought which comes to our mind when we see  ant or some fly is to kill it because it’s existence is worthless for us but when will we realize they are not born for us ?

To be honest we are not humans anymore, we raise and take care of animals only to satisfy our taste buds and our body requirements. But then what about them? Don’t they have the right to live freely? What if from the moment you were born it was already decided how long you were going to life? how were you going to die?We are the most intelligent species, just like it’s said “survival of the fittest”  but at the same time most cruel. We have no right to dominate fellow beings freedom. They are just like caged birds who also want to taste the pleasure of achieving dreams.

Corona is just a warning to some impending danger which might strike soon on earth when we will no longer be safe even at our homes. It is time we change before it gets too late. We have to preserve the earth in the same way as it was given to us by our ancestors and our future generations will carry forward its legacy.

So dear younger generation we all do understand that maybe adults don’t understand how serious is climate change and to a certain extent. COVID 19 has helped us in combating it but lock down isn’t always the option. If not for future generations but for yourselves save the earth to save your future dreams.In addition to spending time with our families, polishing skills, pursuing hobbies, binge watching new series and movies on Netflix and Amazon, being grateful for everything we have been blessed with and enjoying eating home cooked food. Let’s pledge together to help save our mother earth when we get back to normalcy.

“Covid – 19 is like a wakeup call”

Thank you


Teenage, Teenage and Teenage!

Teenage is far more than just a phase of life which no one can better understand than us. It can be as smooth as a long drive along a beach side with soft songs murmuring along with ocean waves and sweets sunsets calling in or as concealed as being involved in a Nancy Drew crime scene.

There are mood swings when some days life should be just you and your room. Teenage is the time when we decipher the code of “me time” and the worst part being it just gets too late to realize that and we usually end up tangling ourselves in curly long strings of life already because loners are losers. Isn’t that what we have heard always?

A few years back I was so excited to grow up into a teen. The very thought of finally be allowed to go out with my friends alone, do sleepovers alone, shop for myself alone, throwing and attending parties alone, it was that “alone” word’s privilege of being independent which tuned up my nerves and made me think “Wow! I am big now” when actually I wasn’t ready to deal with betrayals, back stabbers, bullies, heart breaks, witty comments on my appearance, peer pressure and all necessary teenage evils which each one of us has faced.

In childhood everything seemed to be so beautiful and what we all ever saw or heard were happy endings. For instance girls all those Cinderella, Beauty and beast, sleeping beauty, Snow white, etc. fantasies.

Were we ever told what happened to step mother, step sisters, fairy godmother after Cinderella married the prince? Were we told that what happened to Gaston and his crew after the beast turned into a handsome prince?

Were we told that what happened to the evil witch after sleeping beauty woke up or to the devil step mother and seven dwarfs?

No those characters just disappeared into thin air like Mr. India. Since childhood we have only seen good and happy parts of life and how through these different stories we have learned running away from problems is the only solution until some giant orange pumpkin turned into royal carriage and solution was there on the plate lying in front.

Little did we know to fight problems we couldn’t run away but had to face them with a bright smile, hope and courage. Little did we know that the world was an immortal fire who burnt innocence and love. It was we who had to fight back for kindness to  survive. Little did we know how much blood and sweat is required to stay alive and kicking in this malice world. Little did we know things are never born perfect but have to be made perfect. Little did we know crying is not being weak, being alone is not being a loser, failing is the best teacher and being silent or talkative is not being dumb and useless. Little did we know embracing imperfection was turning weaknesses into strength.

Honestly speaking I being an introvert was always found reading books or writing in my school breaks and substitute lessons. I was not a small talk person and just always found myself to be way too much distanced from my peers. I always tried talking to them, being friends with them like everyone else. But then there was this fear inside me of “what if?.”

I was too afraid of people’s judgments towards me. I was normal like everyone I watched movies, I listened to all types of songs, I also had hobbies like everyone else, in fact I was like a perfect good to go person and (I wouldn’t call myself that), but an “idol daughter” also with perfect grades, perfect mannerism and perfect focus for goals everything just perfect. But this fear that “I was awkward” was like Mt. Everest which I had to climb.

This fear haunted me a lot and my peers like every other human didn’t wanted to miss any opportunity to pull my leg. It’s basic human nature and I wouldn’t blame anyone for that. So that’s how things were and I was betrayed, back stabbed and not exactly I would use that term but yeah “bullied.” I would use to cry sometimes on my inability of being so insecure around people.

As time passed books became my best friends I started working on myself saying that “I am beautiful the way I am”, I started embracing my imperfections and fell in love with myself. (A note to all of you all girls and boys you don’t need anyone to love you. Love yourself the way you are because no one can love you like that)

Everything that at one point seemed to be so fallen apart was now together, I had started controlling mind, the way I thought and soon realized that I had given my life’s remote control to many people. My life revolved around those buttons which they enjoyed pressing but now things had to change I took my life’s remote in my hands. From a weak, under confident, anxious, insecure girl I turned into a strong, confident and beautiful person by heart who now stopped caring about what world thinks about me but cared only about what I thought about myself. At one point of time I was too afraid to speak in front of my class but then I spoke at the Harvard Model United Nations in 2017.

That’s how I turned the game and those books are still my best friends, they gifted me the most beautiful gift. A gift which enabled me to weave words in to beautiful stories.

Here’s a little note from me to all the teenagers:

Honey, no matter how fat or thin you are, black or white you are, tall or short you are and many other things on which the world would judge you. Always remember you are unique in your own way. Beauty isn’t about having a pretty face, perfect body but being good at heart. The world is a nasty place people would keep barking at you like dogs it’s you who has to keep your head high and wear your beautiful smile and walk proudly. One more thing if you teens are still not convinced by this then get up, go near a mirror and look in it. You would be amazed to realize that in that mirror the most amazing soul in the world loves and believes in you. It would tell you that we often feel that there’s a void in our lives which can be filled only by people but it’s actually the self love which your soul is searching for.



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